Although I am currently more involved in the production side of filmmaking, I enjoy critical writing and analysis of film.  My fascination with films initially developed through critical film studies when I was an undergraduate student.  During my time at the University of Virginia, I published a number of papers and articles through Movable Type and The Cavalier Daily.

Movable Type (UVA Undergraduate Media Studies Journal)

Glynn, Stéphane. Coping with a Discourse of Trauma. Movable Type, 2012. 

 Glynn, Stéphane. The Trailer Myth. Movable Type, 2012. 

Glynn, Stéphane. From Butch to Coolidge. Movable Type, 2012. 

Glynn, Stéphane. Do you see me?. Movable Type, 2011. 

The Cavalier Daily, Senior Writer                                            

During my undergraduate studies at the University of Virginia, I periodically wrote for the arts section, tableau, of the school newspaper.  I wrote over 20 articles, including film reviews, television show reviews, columns about the Oscars, and more.  Most of these articles can be found at