I love to teach.

During my time as a graduate student at the University of Utah, I was given the opportunity to teach Introduction to Film (FILM 2100) for three semesters as the instructor of record. Prior to teaching the class myself I served as the teaching assistant for two distinct Introduction to Film classes.

During my third and final year at the University of Utah, I was awarded a University Teaching Assistantship Grant. This grant allowed me to plan, develop and teach a novel class called The Body & The Screen. This class explored the connection(s) between cinema and bodies: bodies that watch screens, bodies on screens, and everything in between. The class used the body as the focal point for discussions on auteurs, media, technology, gender, race, audience perception, celebrity culture, and other aspects relevant to bodies and screens. The course utilized a multi-disciplinary approach, bringing in perspectives from film & media studies, dance, gender studies, biology, psychology, sociology, and other key fields. My class was also cross-listed in both the Film & Media Arts and Modern Dance Departments. I put together the trailer to the right to advertise the class.

In addition to teaching semester-length classes, I have taught numerous master classes on various topics, including but not limited to: Final Cut X, Final Cut 7, and Premiere Pro (CS 6 & CC).


A trailer for a new class at the University of Utah in Spring 2016: The Body & The Screen. The class has been developed by Stephane Glynn thanks to a University Teaching Assistantship Grant from The Graduate School at the University of Utah.

Edited by Stephane Glynn

Music: Tick of the Clock by Chromatics