Although I had already been studying film & media theory for a while, the first time I picked up a camera and began making films was for the sake of dance. As an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, I began to produce "screendances," both for my classes and outside of school. Screendance is a unique blend of dance and film where each medium informs the other. Choreography takes the role of dialogue, creating a specific intention. Camera movement and choreography collaborate together in it's own approach complimenting one another. Most people recognize this genre of film in music videos, cinematic musical numbers, and media commercials. 

While I have branched out from the screendance world since my undergraduate studies, I continue to work with dance artists frequently. I believe in using dance, and movement in general, as a powerful form of expression. Due to my love of dance and experience in screendance, I co-founded a group called Screendance Collective with my friend (and fellow screendance-maker) Hannah M Weber. Screendance Collective is a community which fosters an environment for artists and those who are interested in Screendanceto share work, engage in conversation, peer review one another, and enjoy high quality dance films. Screendance Collective currently has three curators: Hannah M Weber, Tori Duhaime, and myself.

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