My films are pathways into the parts of life we like to keep hidden. They are attempts to speak about the unspeakable. They are ways to access forgotten memories and emotions. To reach these depths of human experience, my work often revolves around themes like dreams, death, sensuality and the subconscious.  

My films frequently originate from surrealist images that I work to decipher and build upon. The power of surrealism lies in its abstract nature, its ability to speak subtly instead of literally. Surrealist metaphors and imagery thus allow me to ask questions without providing all the answers. They allow me to lead viewers on a cognitive and emotional experience without telling them exactly what they should be thinking or feeling. They ask viewers to engage and fill in gaps from their own thoughts, memories and experiences.

I am interested in evoking visceral, tactile reactions through my work. I want spectators to feel the images I compose kinesthetically and emotionally. To achieve these sensations, my work often revolves around bodies in motion. As a former dancer, I believe in movement as a powerful form of kinesthetic expression. My first films, in fact, were dance films. By combining dance and film, I can access and merge the distinct audiovisual vocabularies of both artistic forms while leading my audience on a unique experience. Although my films do not always include dance, I maintain an awareness and interest for movement throughout my work. In order to craft these visceral experiences, I also use materials which hold an innate tactility. Some of my recurring props are paint, water, smoke, fog, and fabric.         

I am influenced primarily by my own thoughts, dreams and experiences. That said, I am perpetually inspired by a large variety of artists. Some of the filmmakers who have influenced me the most include Ingmar Bergman, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, and Nicolas Winding Refn. I also admire Dance Companies such as DV8 Physical Dance Theatre, Chunky Move and Pilobolus. Other artists who continue to inspire me include Andy Warhol (film/prints) and Cormac McCarthy (literature). Although my core beliefs and themes remain consistent, my artistic interests, influences, and processes continue to evolve.